Pre-Spring 2018

The Outline

For this season, the inspiration comes from the global empowering women who are inspired by the outline of life – and who dare to see the world of others from the outside.

The Winter and Pre-Spring 2018 show the diversity in our everyday life, and how nothing or nobody is only meant for one thing.

References to the Middle East are showed in this collection by the contrasting colours, silhouettes and patterns. You will have the possibility of dressing for every occasion with this collection.
Mixing the shocking pink with the earthy green and spicing it up with the sparkling trench coat – then you will have an overall look of this collection. A collection that seduces you!

Bold colours, new silhouettes, feminine prints and strong referen- ces are what characterizes Heartmade’s Winter and Pre-Spring 2018; within this collection, you will nd tailored corduroy suits taking you back to the late 70’s groove where Cher was owning the scene, owery detailed prints on silk skirts, diamonds on t-shirts and dresses ready to impress everywhere.

The mood of this collection is very strong and feminine collection empowering the strong women of the world – Cher from her iconic days seducing the 70’s scene to the extreme features of our nature surrounding us everywhere from Denmark to the Middle East. The collection includes heavy down jackets, ruf ed skirts, tailored suits, pleated dresses, embroidered knits and plenty of silk.

The colour palette for this collection is a bold mix of shocking pink, a desert sand, deep black, a toned-down earth green, midnight blue and a slightly touch of glitter to make an appearance. The daring mix of warm colours giving the deep black a sensual meaning will seduce you and you will get the feeling of watching a sunset in the desert.

Fabrics include a luxurious silk in various prints, heavy coloured corduroy, woven mohair, tailored cotton, thick down and an extra ne merino wool. Accessories embrace the seduction with a shoe showing of a detailed seashell on the wrist of the foot that ful ls the outline perspective by capturing the essence of women’s most beautiful features – a perfect accessory for a global empowering woman.

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